WiscAMP Alliance and Partnerships

Alliance Contacts:

Alverno College

  • Kathleen O'Brien (Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs)
  • Frank Miller (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: frank.miller@alverno.edu
  • Angela Frey (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: angela.frey@alverno.edu

Beloit College

  • Scott Bierman (President)
  • Doreen Dalman (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: dalmand@beloit.edu
  • Steven Huss-Lederman (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: huss@beloit.edu

College of Menominee Nation

  • Geraldine Sanapaw (Assistant)
  • Donna Powless (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: dpowless@menominee.edu
  • Holly Youngbear-Tibbits (Dean of External Relations)
  • Diana Morris (Chief Academic Officer)

Lawrence University

  • Jenna Stone (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: jennifer.stone@lawrence.edu
  • Nancy Wall (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: walln@lawrence.edu
  • Sharon Marks (Assistant to )
  • David Burrows (Provost and Dean of the Faculty)

Madison Area Technical College

  • Nancy Reinhardt (Administrative Assistant to the President)
  • Bettsey Barhorst (President)
  • Juanita Comeau (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: jcomeau@matcmadison.edu

Milwaukee Area Technical College

  • Kim Farley (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: FarleyKD@matc.edu

Milwaukee School of Engineering

  • Ann Bloor (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: bloor@msoe.edu

Milwaukee School of Enginnering

  • Frederick Berry (Vice President of Academics)
  • Sue Miller (Assistant)

Nicolet Area Technical College

  • Elizabeth Burnmaster (President)

Nicolet College

  • Michele LaRock (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: mlarock@nicoletcollege.edu

State of Wisconsin

  • Shelley Lee (Department of Public Instruction Science Consultant)

UW Colleges

  • Laura Lee (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: llee@uwc.edu
  • Rebecca Abler (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: rebecca.abler@uwc.edu
  • Sharon Brickl (Executive Assistant to Gregg Lampe)
  • Luis Rodriguez (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: lrodrigu@uwc.edu
  • Gregg Lampe (Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs)

UW System

  • Rebecca Martin (Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs)
  • Ginni Zuege (Executive Assistant to Rebecca Martin)

UW-Eau Claire

  • Patricia Kline (Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs)
  • Rachel Schimelman (Executive Staff Assistant)

UW-Green Bay

  • Julia Wallace (Provost & Vice Chancellor)
  • Judi Pietsch (Executive staff assistant)
  • Amy Wolfe (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: wolfa@uwgb.edu

UW-La Crosse

  • Kathleen Enz Finken (Provost & Vice Chancellor)


  • Marc Rott (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: rott.marc@uwlax.edu


  • Walter Lane (Assistant Dean School of Education)
  • Molly Carnes (Professor, WiscAMP Co-PI)
  • Manuela Romero (Dean, WiscAMP Co-PI)
  • Douglass Henderson (Professor, WiscAMP Co-PI)
  • Judee Bell (Assistant)


  • Johannes Britz (Interim Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs)
  • Nichlos Ewoldt (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: ewoldt@uwm.edu
  • Nigel Rothfels (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: rothfels@uwm.edu
  • Scottie D. Posey (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: sdposey@uwm.edu
  • Denise Newell (Assistant)


  • Lane Earns (Provost & Vice Chancellor)
  • Lisa Dorn (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: dorn@uwosh.edu


  • Michele Gee (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: michele.gee@uwp.edu
  • Terry Brown (Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs)


  • Liz Schaal (Executive Staff Assistant)
  • Irfran Ul-Haq (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: ulhaqi@uwplatt.edu
  • Mittie Nimocks (Provost & Vice Chancellor)

UW-River Falls

  • Doug Johnson (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: douglas.l.johnson@uwrf.edu
  • Fernando Delgado (Provost and Vice Chan. for Academic Affairs )
  • Nanette Jordahl (Assistant to the Provost)

UW-Stevens Point

  • Mark Nook (Provost & Vice Chancellor)
  • Ron Strege (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: rstrege@uwsp.edu
  • Barb Grasamkee (Executive Staff Assistant)


  • Richard Tafalla (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: TafallaR@uwstout.edu
  • Mary Hopkins-Best (Provost)
  • Rose McLean (Office Manager)


  • Mary Noyes (Executive Staff Assistant)
  • Alvin Beal (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: abeal@uwsuper.edu
  • Faith Hensrud (InterimProvost & Vice Chancellor, Dean of Faculties)


  • Marlene Strait (Executive Staff Assistant)
  • Brett Woods (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: woodsb@uww.edu
  • Beverly Kopper (Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs)
  • Richard McGregory (WiscAMP Liaison)
    email: mcgregor@uww.edu

WI Technical College System

  • Charlie Daniel (Education Director)

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