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WiscAMP 2018

Hard Work + Learning = Success


The WiscAMP project has grown and changed a lot over the last 5 years. Our alliance is graduating more students than ever. Between 2013 and 2018, WiscAMP institutions collectively graduated an average of 200 more students from historically underrepresented groups with STEM baccalaureate degrees each year compared to the previous 5 years. Students are completing their degrees more efficiently with stronger GPAs than before as well. These accomplishments reflect the growing diversity of our alliance and the hard work and dedication of many students, faculty, staff and administrators.  



New Madison College LSAMP Inspire Scholars Program!


Congratulations to Madison College for their successful proposal to NSF. Bethany Sansing-Helton and Chuck Benton who co-direct the WiscAMP Subaward for Madison College wrote and submitted an unsolicited proposal to the LSAMP program office to fund a larger initiative at Madison College. Theproposal has been recommended for funding!!

This is a big accomplishment for a 2-year institution in our alliance and meets one of our stated goals with respect to developing institutional capacity broaden participation in STEM. 

A Wall of Inspiration

From the 1st WiscAMP Student Leadership Symposium


Why do we need student leaders in STEM?

Different people (not one demographic) = new ideas and more collaboration

To inspire other students and reduce isolation

To create a support system and build communities

To create a more welcoming environment to encourage conversation

To increase cultural receptiveness

To decrease racism, discrimination and prejudice

To increase accessibility of resources and services

To educate the majority

To change the culture of your discipline

To pave a pathway for minority students in doubt of pursuing a degree

To inspire and motivate each other

To show that it is possible

To shape the outlook for our communities

To spread knowledge

Role models

Challenging the norms

We are needed to inspire other individuals like us to choose STEM as a major, show them that they can & will succeed and to be an enabler for change.



Leadership & Success

Spring 2016 Highlights


Congratulations to Darian James and J. Miguel Hernandez-Ochoa! Two WiscAMP students were awarded the prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships this spring. Darian James (Biomedical Engineering) is a first year WiscAMP Bridge to the Doctorate student. The second student, J. Miguel Hernandez-Ochoa was in the first cohort of the Madison College WiscAMP Scholars transfer preparation program. He graduated from UW-Madison in May and will begin his doctoral studies in horticulture at the University of California-Davis this fall.  


WiscAMP students from across the state attended the first WiscAMP Student Leadership Symposium on February 20, 2016. The morning leadership development workshop was led by Dr. Jerry Whitmore of the Wisconsin Institute for Science Education and Community Engagement (WISCIENCE). The luncheon featured a graduate student panel with four WiscAMP Bridge to the Doctorate students. Beatriz Camacho (Chemistry), Katrina Carter (Physiology), Darian James (Biomedical Engineering) and Godwin Ashley Dilibe Offiah Civil & Environmental Engineering) presented their research and discussed their paths to success in STEM.

The luncheon was followed by a poster session. You can see a highlight video of the event here.


Louis Stokes Leaves a Rich Legacy

Former congressman has died


Louis Stokes, for whom the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation is named, passed away on Tuesday night. Learn more about his inspiring life here.

WiscAMP Bridge to the Doctorate

Inaugral cohort to begin Fall 2015


The National Science Foundation has awarded WiscAMP our first Bridge to the Doctorate (WiscAMP-BD). We will receive $987,000 to help support the first 2 years of graduate study for a cohort of 12 new graduate students in STEM disciplines at UW-Madison. This establishes a graduate school component to the existing WiscAMP programming.

WiscAMP Scholar Selected as 2015 Rhodes Scholar

UW-Eau Claire Materials Science major


Tayo A. Sanders II, a senior at UW-Eau Claire, is one of 32 Americans named as 2015 Rhodes Scholars. Tayo participated in the WiscAMP summer research program in materials science directed by WiscAMP Small Grants PIs Douglass Dunham and Marc McEllistrem. Find out more about Tayo's outstanding academic accomplishments here.

WiscAMP Annual Meeting Success!

New initiatives for WiscAMP Phase III


The WiscAMP Annual Meeting kicked off with a pre-conference workshop on November 6 to pilot the Fair Play video game designed to reduce implicit bias. Players learned about the many different habits in thought and perception that can contribute to implicit bias. Player feedback will be used to develop the facilitator's guide. At the 2015 WiscAMP Annual Meeting, players who have already been part of the pilot trainings for the game will have the opportunity to be trained as facilitators. The Fair Play video game is a new initiative for WiscAMP Phase III. The game was developed through a National Institutes of Health Pathfinder Award (DP4-GM096822-01) to Dr. Molly Carnes, a WiscAMP Co-Principal Investigator.

The keynote address at the WiscAMP Annual Meeting luncheon was provided by Dr. Dandrielle Lewis, a former LSAMP scholar at Winston Salem State University, and currently an assistant professor of mathematics at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Her presentation about her career path and the choices that have contributed to her success was inspiring evidence that LSAMP students are the future professors in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

WiscAMP Small Grants and Subaward Principal Investigators and Co-Principal Investigators presented details about their programs. The presentations illustrated the commitment and competence of WiscAMP faculty and staff.

For more details about the conference or materials, please contact Gail Coover (gcoover@engr.wisc.edu).

WiscAMP Phase 3: 2014-2019!!


The National Science Foundation has officially renewed WiscAMP for another five years. As a senior alliance, WiscAMP will be continuing successful initiatives including the UW-MIlwaukee WiscAMP STEM Inspire Project, the Madison College WiscAMP Scholars Program, the WiscAMP Small Grants Program, and the Excel Summer program. New initiatives include:

In continuing our work together to support students, WiscAMP will become an even stronger alliance to broaden participation in STEM.

WiscAMP Small Grants PI Brett Woods (UW-Whitewater) Receives Honor

University of Wisconsin Board of Regents Diversity Award


The University of Wisconsin Board of Regents have selected Brett Woods (UW-Whitewater) to receive the 2014 Board of Regents Diversity Award in the Individual Category. The award is a tribute to Dr. Woods's dedication to student success and to the causes of equity, diversity and Inclusive Excellence. Dr. Woods received the first WiscAMP Small Grant ever awarded and has developed multiple programs to increase student success and diversity in science with WiscAMP Small Grants over the last nine years.

NSF and NASA Funded Programs for Students

Undergraduate, Graduate and Postdocs


Get started now on applying for NSF internships, research experiences, scholarships and fellowships. There are over 650 research experiences for undergraduates, opportunities for graduate research fellowships, and postdoc opportunities. There are also NASA-supported internships, fellowships and scholarships.

Check out the UW-Madison Opportunities in Engineering Conference

All Expenses paid, Oct. 30 - Nov. 2


The conference objective is to increase the number of domestic engineering students (particularly those from underrepresented groups) receiving graduate degrees in engineering. All expenses including travel, housing, and food are paid by the UW-Madison College of Engineering (with the exception of food for Saturday and Sunday). Applicants selected to participate will hear faculty research presentations, tour laboratories, meet with current graduate students and individually with faculty in the student's area of interest, and tour the city of Madison as well as the UW-Madison campus. All applicants should be in their Junior or Senior year; students who have already completed a baccalaureate or Masters degree are encouraged to apply. Application deadline is Friday, September 20, 2013

UW-Eau Claire

WiscAMP Summer Research Experience Featured


Check out this story about the UW-Eau Claire WiscAMP summer research program. Congratulations to the WiscAMP team at UW-Eau Claire for this well-deserved recognition. If you want to know more about the students' research, save the date to attend the WiscAMP Annual Meeting, November 1, at the the Union South in Madison, WI.

Biosciences Opportunities Preview (BOPS) Weekend September 26-29

Apply by August 2, 2013


The BOPS weekend is a great opportunity for prospective students to learn about opportunities in biological science graduate programs at UW-Madison. Applications are now being accepted so don't wait and apply early!

Don't miss these great opportunities to present your research!


Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) November 13-16, 2013, Nashville, Tennessee. Abstract submission deadline:  September 6, 2013

ABRCMS Conference Website:  http://www.abrcms.org/index.html

Emerging Researchers National Conference in STEM (ERN). Feb. 20-22, 2014, Washington, D.C.

Deadline for poster and oral abstract submissions is not yet posted. However, the deadline last year was November 5. We will update this notice when the formal deadline for submitting a poster or oral presentation is formally announced.

ERN Conference Website: http://www.emerging-researchers.org/

American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) National Conference October 31-November 2, Denver, Colorado. Deadline for submission:  June 14, 2013

AISES Conference Website: http://www.aises.org/nationalconference

Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) Conference, October 3-6, 2013, San Antonio, Texas. 

Summer submissions for research projects:  May 20-July 3, 2013.

Travel Scholarships for summer program participants: May 20-June 14

SACNAS Conference Website:  https://sacnas.org/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=60

Congratulations WiscAMP Class of 2013 Students!


We congratulate all WiscAMP students who are completing their degrees this year and look forward to learning about your next steps.


We also recognize students who have distinguished themselves as WiscAMP Scholars this year: Latoya Allen (UW-Whitewater), DeAndre Jones (UW-Whitewater), Darian Slater (UW-Whitewater), Pear Frye-Joplin (UW-Whitewater), Devon Winfrey (UW-Whitewater), Giselle Varrientos (UW-Platteville), Brennan Waupoose (College of Menominee Nation), Antonio Garcia (UW-Madison), Dylan Jennings (UW-Madison), Nicole Enemuoh (UW-Madison), Stephanie Marquez (UW-Madison), and Linda Zhou (UW-Madison).

UW-Milwaukee WiscAMP Program Makes Headlines


The UW-Milwaukee hosted their first winter break science bootcamp at the new Cozzens and Cudahy Research Center. The program made headlines in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Read the whole story here.

UW Platteville WiscAMP students win awards for research


Congratulations to Brennan Waupoose and McKaylee Duquain! They have earned two awards for their research with Dr. Evan Larson (UW-Platteville) on the impact of invasive earthworm species in Great Lakes forests. Their first award was from the Society for the Advancement of Chicano and Native American Scientists (SACNAS) 2012 conference (Oct. 11-14) in Seattle, Washington. Their research also earned a 4th place award at the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) 2012 Conference in Anchorage, Alaska last November.

LSAMP Program Featured in Diverse Issues in Higher Education

WiscAMP is part of this national effort


The current Diverse Issues in Higher Education credits the LSAMP program with supporting thousands of under-represented minority students who have achieved academic and career success in science, technology, engineering and math disciplines. The article discusses a recent publication that puts faces and names to over 5000 LSAMP students, including many WiscAMP students. A digital version of the publication will be provided to each WiscAMP member institution and will also be available on the WiscAMP website.

WiscAMP Excel Program Closing Reception

Thursday, July 26, 4:30 - 6:00 Mechanical Engeering Building


WiscAMP Excel students, faculty and guests will celebrate the completion of the program on Thursday, July 26 with a reception and poster session. Students will be presenting their research projects for the summer and marking their accomplishments for the last 8 weeks. 

Reducing Stereotype Threat

Joshua Aronson webinar presentation available on-line


Stereotype threat has a widely documented and significant impact on the engagement and retention of under-represented minority groups in science, engineering, and math. Fortunately, there are some very easily implemented strategies to address the impact of stereotype threat on student performance on tests or in the classroom. Joshua Aronson presented a WEPAN webinar on this topic. The powerpoint presentation and recording are available at this link. Another excellent presentation by Valerie Purdie-Vaughns can be found here. You can read more about this research in Claude Steele's excellent book, Whistling Vivaldi.

Are you a WiscAMP student who will be graduating this year?

Keep in touch!


Send us an e-mail and let us know about your plans. We want to keep in touch so that you don’t miss out on any research or graduate school opportunities that you qualify for as a graduate from an LSAMP institution. Contact Gail Coover: gcoover@engr.wisc.edu or 608-263-1138.

WiscAMP Excel 2012

What's in a name?


The WiscAMP office is busy preparing for the 4th implementation of the 8-week summer program we now call WiscAMP Excel. When the program was first offered, it was called WiscAMP Academic Enrichment Program (AEP). The next year, the name was changed to the Academic Advancement Program (AAP) to more accurately reflect the goal of the program to move students closer to their academic and career goals. The WiscAMP AAP name was changed again the following summer to WiscAMP Excel. Why? So that it would be a unique program name that describes the focus on students' excellence and acceleration within their STEM majors.

On June 4, seventeen WiscAMP students from six alliance institutions will arrive on the UW-Madison campus to begin their summer experience. In addition our returning faculty in Math, (Luis Rodriguez and Oumar Kaba), Chemistry, (Andy Pham), and Academic Enrichment, (Dalelia Davis), three new instructors are joining the WiscAMP team. Angela Frey will teach biology, Amihan Huesman will teach physics, and George Johnson will teach writing and professional communication.

A Scientific Approach to Improving STEM Learning in College Courses

Transforming how science, technology, engineering and math are taught on college campuses


Carl WiemanCarl Wieman, Associate Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), Science Division, visited the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery for a public lecture on how to apply research-based knowledge about how learning works to improving learning in college STEM courses. The topic relates to his larger education goal, which is to change STEM courses so that they result in more students who learn to think like scientists. He noted that this issue is of ever-increasing importance in the USA due to the growing importance of having a scientifically literate public in order to foster effective policies and a stronger economy. A summary of his presentation, a pdf file of his PowerPoint slides, and a video of his presentation can all be found here.


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