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Hard Work + Learning = Success


The WiscAMP project has grown and changed a lot over the last 5 years. Our alliance is graduating more students than ever. Between 2013 and 2018, WiscAMP institutions collectively graduated an average of 200 more students from historically underrepresented groups with STEM baccalaureate degrees each year compared to the previous 5 years. Students are completing their degrees more efficiently with stronger GPAs than before as well. These accomplishments reflect the growing diversity of our alliance and the hard work and dedication of many students, faculty, staff and administrators.  



New Madison College LSAMP Inspire Scholars Program!


Congratulations to Madison College for their successful proposal to NSF. Bethany Sansing-Helton and Chuck Benton who co-direct the WiscAMP Subaward for Madison College wrote and submitted an unsolicited proposal to the LSAMP program office to fund a larger initiative at Madison College. Theproposal has been recommended for funding!!

This is a big accomplishment for a 2-year institution in our alliance and meets one of our stated goals with respect to developing institutional capacity broaden participation in STEM. 

A Wall of Inspiration

From the 1st WiscAMP Student Leadership Symposium


Why do we need student leaders in STEM?

Different people (not one demographic) = new ideas and more collaboration

To inspire other students and reduce isolation

To create a support system and build communities

To create a more welcoming environment to encourage conversation

To increase cultural receptiveness

To decrease racism, discrimination and prejudice

To increase accessibility of resources and services

To educate the majority

To change the culture of your discipline

To pave a pathway for minority students in doubt of pursuing a degree

To inspire and motivate each other

To show that it is possible

To shape the outlook for our communities

To spread knowledge

Role models

Challenging the norms

We are needed to inspire other individuals like us to choose STEM as a major, show them that they can & will succeed and to be an enabler for change.



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